Are you looking to get more involved with your Holy Church family? Involvement can take many forms and we hope you will find a place to join us!  The following outline’s some of the ways to get involved.

Lydia’s Guild takes care of those in our congregation who are sick, shut-in, death in the family, or various other circumstances.  This may be through taking food to their house, giving someone a ride to the doctor or store, or other small tasks. By agreeing to help with Lydia’s Guild, you are not obligated to do ALL of these things, only what your schedule allows.

Sunday cookie bakers bring a couple dozen cookies to church to be enjoyed by all after the service. By the way, they can be store bought if you are not a baker!

Church fun nights are a chance to get to know one another better and just enjoy each other’s company. In the past we’ve had movie nights, met at the bowling alley, gone camping for the weekend, canoeing, & so much more.  You can sign up to plan or host the event!

Men’s Bash & Friends of Frances Hosts open their home to their respected gender and attendees are asked to bring an appetizer so all the work is not on the host.  All you need is a house!

Receptions & Seasonal Gatherings happen at various times and need someone to plan each one. If you enjoy planning parties, this is the one for you!  This includes Trunk or Treat, the Bishop’s yearly visit, and many more.

The Newcomers Team is a committee of members who extend our mission statement to our visitors.  Members of this committee will assemble welcome bags and take them by the homes of our visitors. 

Another way to get involved is to participate in the monthly potluck.  These meals are a way to fellowship with one another and are usually held on the third Sunday of the month, after the service.  We always need cooks, help setting up, and cleaning up. 

If you have any questions or want to sign up to help with any of these ministries, please talk with Dana Lester, the Mission Council member over Community.  You can call, text, or email her at 615.904.4676 or